5 ways to ruin a child’s life. The main mistakes in raising children


What is childhood? In addition to games and other fun adventures, childhood is a period of learning, adjustment to life, physical and emotional development. The quality of adult life directly depends on parental upbringing and https://argoprep.com/blog/restorative-justice-in-schools/. Many human abilities are laid in his childhood. And very often small, as it would seem, mistakes in education lead to serious consequences. Parenting methods are usually passed down from generation to generation. But sometimes the accepted norms in the past in the present tense only injure and interfere. Below are the main methods of incorrect parenting.

Family argument


By forbidding something without argument, for example https://argoprep.com/blog/implementing-socratic-seminar-in-your-school/, parents do not allow the child to learn to make a choice on their own and be responsible for it. It is very difficult for children to assess the situation and understand what is good for him and what is not. In this case, the job of parents is to explain to their child the consequences that certain actions will lead to. By spending a little more time explaining, moms and dads will save themselves from the eternal repetition of forbidden things in the future. And the child in the future will be able to consciously choose the right decision for him.


All parents want their children to be obedient. They did what they were asked to do, did not indulge and behaved well. But it is not easy to achieve obedience in a child. Therefore, many adults go to manipulative methods in education, accustoming the child to do the same. And after a while, the son or daughter will manipulate the parents, trying to get what they want. In adulthood, a manipulated child will fall under the manipulation of other people, and will also manipulate himself. It is quite difficult to refuse such methods. It’s even harder to recognize them. Manipulation is always associated with the desire of one to impose his will on another. The way out will be an explanation of the reasons why the child should do one way or another.

Imposed roles

The child, first of all, is a separate person. With your desires and talents. Sometimes parents forget about it and try to realize all their dreams through the child. For example, mom or dad always wanted to play the violin, piano, football. With persuasion, threats of moralizing, the child attends classes that are not interesting to him. And as a result, in adulthood, he does not understand what he likes. Indeed, during the period of growing up, his interests were not given importance. Talk to your child about what he wants to do. And further support for his choice is the best way to teach a child to follow his desires.

Mood change

With a good mood of the parent, the child can do anything. When bad – nothing. Such parental behavior often leads to a misperception of life values. The boundaries between good and bad deeds are blurred. Parents need to take control of their mood. And try to explain why this or that behavior of the child is not acceptable.

Intimidation and threats Often naughty children try to shame, intimidate and punish. Guilt, fear, distrust will be present in the adult life of children brought up in such ways. Control and guardianship. Very often, many adults confuse love with total control and overprotection. Not allowing the child to manifest itself independently, the parent kills initiative and adaptation to life in him. Such children in the future will not be able to solve life’s problems, they will be closed, unsociable.

Parents often brush aside the psychological impact on their children of their parenting methods. Referring to the fact that this is how their parents raised them. And they grew up to be normal people. But guilt, fear, lack of initiative will not be the best helpers in adulthood. By changing your attitude to the issues of raising a child today, you can save him a lot of time and money to solve psychological problems in the future. And a large amount of literature on this topic and competent expert advice will come to the aid of parents.