Top 5 Ways to Get Your Child Involved in Math


We’ve gathered for you 5 proven ways you can easily make your child fall in love with math including parts of a whole:

Numbers are all around us everywhere: on the face of a wall clock, on the walls of houses and apartments, on license plates, on price tags in the store, on the intercom. Sound them out when you do something, so the child remembers them faster and will be interested in calling them independently.
Counting can also be inaccurate: when going somewhere, ask your child questions: “How long do you think it will take us to get to the store?”, “Let’s guess how many ducks are in the pond?”, “Look how many cars are in the yard! How many of them do you think are red?” These types of questions train wit and arouse curiosity, and they also train mathematical thinking.
Use handy materials – various household items. Count them in front of your child’s eyes and encourage him to do the same, again asking leading questions. “How many spoons are on the table?”, “How many shoes do you have?”, “How many books are on the shelf?” If the child doesn’t know how to count yet, do it with him or her by suggesting: “Let’s count how many new pencils you have!” By the way, this method works especially well with toys: “How many dolls sat down to tea?”, “Look how many balls you have: one, two, three…”, “We bought you a new car. Now you have so many of them! Let’s count how many cars you have now?”. Selecting toys for the younger child, try to make sure they were safe and environmentally friendly. Wooden toys are very popular with parents in this regard.
Play board games about order 3 objects by length with children that use numbers. In this regard, a child may be interested in the classic “Monopoly” or “Millionaire”. This way they will not only learn to count, but they will love this activity, as well as develop the ability to think strategically and master the skills of accurate calculations.
Of independent games, which all children are fond of almost without exception, to teach mathematical skills and inculcate a love of counting, you can select the constructor. On the toy market now they are presented in a huge range. In addition to the well-known LEGO, you can find designers of plastic, wood, metal large or small parts. The game develops logical and abstract thinking, instills a love of counting, physics and geometry – you can not do without them to create three-dimensional structures.