Lotus Position Meditation


As mentioned above, the ideal position for meditation and https://www.julianalucky.com/post/10-best-yoga-breathing-pranayama-exercises is Padmasana – Lotus Position. And this is not just a tribute to fashion. In this position of the body, the legs allow you to close the energy channels and turn the apana-vaya upward. This completely changes the flow of energy in the body, due to which the higher energy centers are activated, which are precisely responsible for the quality and effectiveness of meditation. You can exactly follow all the prescriptions of this or that meditation practice, but if the energy is in the lower chakras, then you most likely will not feel anything and will soon give up the practice of meditation.

Padmasana is an important aspect for successful meditation, but it is important to measure your real capabilities. If you really can’t sit in

Padmasana is longer than five minutes, then one should meditate in a simpler meditative posture. Therefore, the right posture for meditation for you will be exactly the posture in which you can sit without severe pain for at least twenty minutes. Since this time is the minimum in order to enter a more or less serious state of concentration. If your legs do not bend at all, you can meditate while sitting on a chair. The main thing is to keep your back straight. It is better to practice meditation in this way than not to practice at all. But at the same time, it is recommended to regularly practice hatha yoga and strive to master the meditative asana.