How can work on yourself be a pleasure?

How can work on yourself be a pleasure

Self-improvement is considered difficult and far from joyful. That’s why many people throw it halfway, and only the most persistent ones achieve their goals.

And if you treat this process wisely and try to remake yourself without violence, with pleasure? Here are some rules that will make the work on yourself pleasant and not so difficult.

  1. Do not struggle with your shortcomings, develop your strengths.
    All of us are not without flaws, and self-improvement usually begins with a struggle with themselves: scolding themselves for lack of willpower, laziness, indecision, eradicate bad habits, trying to imitate idols. But few manage to win this fight with themselves.

It is much easier and more effective to pay attention to their merits and use them as trumps. Let’s say you are not a very organized person, and it is difficult for you to cope with this disadvantage.

But you are a creative person, you have golden hands, and everyone around you admires your work. Be proud of it and continue to improve your talents. And you will be successful and happy in spite of your weaknesses.

  1. Positive self-motivation.
    Everything that is done from under the stick, imposed from the outside, does not bring the desired result and satisfaction from the achievements. And self-motivation can create a miracle. If there is a need and the need to achieve something, everything will certainly work out.

Decide whether you need what you want, what you aspire to. You, for example, selflessly fight with excess kilos, wanting to get closer to the standards 90-60-90. You deny yourself small gastronomic joys, torture yourself with training, look at the world with a beech, but there is no planned result. Because nature has given you rounded forms! And it doesn’t have to be your disadvantage.

But if you need changes, if the thought of a new image “warms” you, act decisively. Draw in your imagination of the ideal, motivate yourself with “dividends” that you will get when you reach your goal.

  1. Don’t go straight for the hard part, start with what’s easier to do.
    The clever one won’t go up. Remember? Try to follow this proverb when working on yourself.

Don’t you have the opportunity to be active in sports? No time and financial resources to go to a fitness club? But 10-minute morning gymnastics or half an hour of evening walks are also very useful!

Can’t you quit smoking? Just reduce by one cigarette every 3-4 days. It’s not so noticeable, it takes time, but the target will be reached. In small steps you will move forward, and the achievements, even if small, will be an incentive not to give up what you started.

Do you want to drive, but you’re not good at it? Sit in a car with an automatic gearbox and you’ll feel the difference.

How can work on yourself be a pleasure
  1. Find like-minded people.
    “It’s fun to walk around together and, of course, sing better with the choir.” Let the words of this song become the rule for you, because with companions difficult business becomes easier and more fun.
    According to statistics, more than half go to sports clubs for this reason. And they often go to psychological trainings for communication, energy and support from like-minded people, which they get there.
  2. Do not scold yourself for misses.
    Malfunctions, breakdowns, retreats can happen to anyone. Do not execute yourself, but calmly analyze the causes of what happened. Self-criticism should be constructive, motivate new achievements and self-improvement, and not kill faith in yourself.

Do not seek to become perfect. You have mastered something on the “three”, it’s not bad. A “B”? You’re a genius!

Tune in to the positive, more often think about your pros, not cons, learn to use their advantages, and work on yourself will always be welcome and joyful.