How do you respond to a stressful situation?

Frustrated businesswoman

Life is a constant surprise. Sometimes cute, causing a sea of positive emotions, and sometimes vice versa – unpleasant, dangerous, requiring an immediate response. And the human body gives its natural response to a stressful situation. It is expressed in the activation of processes necessary to fight or to quickly leave the “battlefield”. Such variants of behavior got us from ancestors, who in case of danger ran away from a large predator or entered into a fight with an equal enemy.

Secrets of nature

The human reaction to stress, regardless of its source, is always the same: increase in blood pressure. This is necessary to enhance the nutrition of organs and tissues responsible for performance and speed of reaction.

As a result – the heart starts to beat more actively, dilated pupils, stretched muscles, slows down the work of secondary systems of vital activity. In other words, the body automatically changes its priorities, ensuring its survival.

Today it is known that the fluctuation of blood pressure in a healthy person is constant and depends on the load, situation, emotional state. These data contradict the usual words of doctors that deviations from the norm of 120/80 mm Hg require mandatory therapy. Blood pressure is the element that regulates the whole body. Any change in the external situation requires adaptation to new conditions, and therefore, an increase or decrease in blood pressure figures.

However, contrary to this law of nature, there are people for whom life is a continuous stress or anticipation of it. Their pressure is constantly high. Such a failure in the self-regulation system does not go away for them without a trace. Over time, the cardiovascular system gets tired of this kind of stress. Vessels and heart muscles wear out faster, which leads to pathological changes in their structure. There are heart attacks, strokes, hypertension and other diseases that have a chronic character.

Practical approach

A successful person never waits for stress and is not afraid in advance of what might happen. Only something very serious can excite him. He is able to anticipate the situation a few steps ahead and see where danger may lurk. If possible, he tries to avoid such moments or to change the circumstances in his favor.

But even if there is a problem, he will not panic when the first signs of it appear. He will try to get over the stressful situation as calmly as possible. To do this, he will need to control his emotions and use a rational approach to trouble. Such behavior will shorten the time needed to solve the problem, and thus reduce the load on the body.


A sensible approach to business allows a successful person to save energy, which many spend on worrying about the possible trouble. He prefers to spend the energy released in this way on more useful and necessary actions. For example, on self-development, search for new applications of their talents.

Experiencing problems as they arise is a great way to reduce them. Worrying about what may or may not happen is not for someone who is committed to success. He always knows what to worry about and what is unworthy to take away his precious time and energy. Trouble is sometimes much less significant if you treat them calmly and reasonably, refusing to excessive emotions.