Elements of time management. How to set up for work

 time management

Let’s not talk now about how much time in our lives is wasted, how difficult it is to make ourselves to do unpleasant work and how we harm ourselves as if by rest. Let’s assume that you have already thought about all this and come to the conclusion that it is time to take control of your time. But to get rid of the habit of “swinging” before work: to drink coffee, watch the news, look in the mailbox, which is probably empty, still difficult?

We have to fight this, too. The art of time management knows a method called “anchor”. Anchor is a psychological connection to a special ritual, which subconsciously should set you up at work. “Anchor” is nothing more than a habit, association of a specific action or environment with the work.

It can be an elementary thing that can be easily repeated before the start of the working day. For example, turn on the music, or take out the necessary documents from the table and arrange them in order of work. But if you define a thing or activity as “anchor”, try not to use it in other situations. For example, you don’t need to lay out the documents if you dropped in before your trip and plan to return only a few hours later. By doing so, you are destroying the association links and reducing the effectiveness of the anchor.

 time management

Just as for work, the anchor can also be created for rest. Do you feel that you are tired, that you are working unproductively or even went to bed, and in your head are still spinning plans for the next day and lists of unfulfilled tasks? Then sit back in your chair and recall a picture associated exclusively with rest. Remember a trip to the sea or play some light, relaxing music. Use this “screen saver” whenever you feel that your brain is not responding to your efforts to “turn it off”.

The alternation of work and rest will save energy and make your work productive. You do not need to work “on”, because the wear will certainly make itself felt and reduce the active work long recovery period. And for easy alternation of working time and minutes of rest “anchor” is really very effective method.

It is quite possible that you already have anchorages. For example, you can not sleep without your favorite toy? Can’t work without music? These are your “anchors”, but this subconscious controls you, and you must turn the situation – to control it.