Clean past tense

Clean past tense

The act on replacement of habitual final school Clean past tense examinations by uniform state examinations has come in the beginning of 21 centuries in Russia. Only nine years later this program was put into practice. Throughout this period there were heated debates about how effective this program is. This innovation even today has its fans and opponents. This can be explained, because each phenomenon always has both pluses and minuses.

Advantages of the USE
What is the main advantage of unified state exams? The fact is that they significantly increase the chances of all graduates getting into higher education, no matter where they live. Through these examinations, applicants living in remote areas, where education is certainly lower than in larger cities, are protected from discrimination. Such students receive an excellent incentive to study better. It is also a good thing that textbooks are the same in all schools and that information from the network is available to everyone. We can name one more undeniable advantage of the USE. This is the objectivity of the grades that are obtained in the course of its passing on admission to any Russian higher education institution.

At present, applicants can apply for admission to several higher education institutions at the same time. Recently, many prestigious institutions of higher education also have their own entrance examinations, which applicants must take separately.

Clean past tense

As for the USE critics, they are skeptical about the objectivity of the unified state exam. This view is explained by the fact that in a large number of cases, the correct answer in the proposed test can be chosen using the method of exception. It turns out that subject to evaluation is not only the knowledge of the graduate, but also his ability to think logically. As a result, we get the evaluation of the intellectual coefficient of the graduate. Many people express such opinions that the test exams related to humanitarian as well as social disciplines are not relevant at all, because many issues can be discussed. In a regular exam, a student is given the opportunity to express several opinions on the topic, then, according to the rules of the unified state exam, a graduate can choose only cogat test prep grade 3 one option, which is quite possibly controversial.

Surveys of public opinion have shown that people who are opponents of the USE are slightly less than those who are supporters of it. This may be due to the fact that graduates of previous years are more used to traditional exams. The second reason is that so far, the methodology of the USE is not perfect because of the novelty of this idea.