What is the danger of school maladaptation


Negative emotions and https://argoprep.com/blog/restorative-justice-in-schools/ can cause irreparable harm to a person. Disadaptation of a child at school threatens not only psychological, but also physical consequences. Sleep is disturbed in children, chronic diseases are exacerbated. In more serious cases, clinical disorders are possible: tics, enuresis, asthenia.

The driving force of learning – motivation – is subjected to deformation. There is no incentive – there is no development of intellectual, creative and physical abilities. It’s getting harder and harder to believe in your own strength and not give up.

Trying to restore balance in the surrounding reality, the child’s psyche can be seriously injured. At a minimum, it will be a loser syndrome, which will inevitably affect all areas of life.

Correction methods
Joint efforts of parents and teachers are necessary to eliminate disagreements between the internal requirements of the student and external events. Each case is individual. And you need to start with a deep study of family relationships. Often this is where the root of the problem grows.

Only a psychologist can correctly diagnose the psychophysical state of a child. Based on the results, the specialist will develop a plan and indicate the correct vector of action.

The launch of the PEP Academy at Muzomuhle School in Umlazi, March 15, 2010. Picture by Rogan Ward

The work will be long and painstaking. You will have to close your eyes to bad grades and possible failures and also https://argoprep.com/blog/building-professional-learning-communities/. The love and support of loved ones is what is needed for effective rehabilitation in the most difficult case.

Another option is also possible – a change in the format of education or the introduction of additional classes in “lame” subjects online. Why online? So the child can study at home, in a comfortable environment, one-on-one with a teacher or in a small group of children. Less stress – more results.