The Unclosed Gestalt of Parents’ Childhood


It happens that a child does not know which hobby to choose, so he entrusts this mission to his parents. And here they do not restrain themselves – they realize the opportunities and lost in their childhood.

Let’s be honest: if you yourself decided what your child will learn, then the responsibility for his failures will also lie with you.

After all, it is impossible to achieve success in an unloved business, which means that disappointments are inevitable. In addition, you are setting a bad precedent – with such an approach, a son or daughter may lose faith in himself, lose the ability to make decisions and bear responsibility.

It happens that the child himself chose a hobby and, but it is his parents who are pushing him to achieve achievements in this type of activity. The poor fellow wanted only to practice karate for the soul, but he was trapped in endless training and trips to competitions. Breaking out of this captivity means disappointing the parents, who will probably manipulate the fact that the child himself decided to attend this section.