Meditation to overcome fear


Meditation is an affordable and quick way to set a measured, calm, balanced tone in your life. There is a special mental practice exercise called “Tantric Heart”. Try to master it.

Imagine that your soul is the queen of your life and her throne is your heart. It must fearlessly make all decisions for life. But your mind is a frightened servant that guards the door to your heart. If you have been in pain often in the past, over a long period of time, your fear-driven mind has locked that door. To open it and open your heart, you need to get past fear.

In the meditation below, you will practice relaxation by focusing your attention on your breath. It is normal for your mind to “wander” as you breathe. Just return your attention again, concentrating on the exhalations and inhalations. The process of relaxing and focusing is similar to push-up exercises in the gym.

Find a place where you can meditate for three minutes or a little longer. Take a comfortable position. For example, you can sit in bed, in a chair, on the floor, using pillows, or lie down with your knees bent.
We recommend using a free app such as Meditation Timer, set to three minutes or more.
Close your eyes and breathe naturally. Try to relax your body, even if you feel uncomfortable. Begin with the breathing exercise we described above, concentrating on the navel area. Repeat five cycles. Then move your consciousness up to the ribs, continue the breath work, breathing from the chest to open the heart chakra. Bring your attention to the rise and fall of your chest for five cycles.
Take a deep, long, and slow breath and mentally say to yourself: “Breathing in, I soften my heart to receive love.” As you exhale slowly, mentally say, “Breathing out, I release my fears.”
Start your day with three to five minutes of meditation and you will feel positive inner changes. Other people will also notice the change in you. Do not be surprised if, along with an updated psychology, you will get unexpected “side effects”: you will begin to attract joyful events, true friends, will be able to build new relationships, find your love.