Math magician


mathemagician is a mathematician who is also a magician. The term “mathemagic” is believed to have been introduced by Royal Vale Heath with his 1933 book “Mathemagic”

Max Maven often utilizes this type of magic in his performance
Max Maven often utilizes this type of magic in his performance

The name “mathemagician” was probably first applied to Martin Gardner, but has since been used to describe many mathematician/magicians, including Arthur T. Benjamin, Persi Diaconis, and Colm Mulcahy. Diaconis has suggested that the reason so many mathematicians are magicians is that “inventing a magic trick and inventing a theorem are very similar activities.” Mathemagician is a neologism, specifically a portmanteau, that combines mathematician and magician. A great number of self-working mentalism tricks rely on mathematical principles. Max Maven often utilizes this type of magic in his performance. Math magician helps you discover all the magic of numbers and counting

The Mathemagician is name of a character in the 1961 children’s book The Phantom Tollbooth. He is the ruler Digitopolis, the kingdom of mathematics.

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Notable mathemagicians

  • Matt Baker
  • Arthur T. Benjamin
  • Persi Diaconis
  • Richard Feynman
  • Karl Fulves
  • Martin Gardner
  • Ronald Graham
  • Royal Vale Heath
  • Colm Mulcahy
  • Raymond Smullyan
  • Bernard Meulenbroek
  • Tori Noquez