Human chakras. Why reveal them?


I think you already understand that each chakra is extremely important for a full and harmonious existence. If energy stagnation occurs in one of the chakras, then it ceases to function normally, and, as a result, we observe “failures” and “distortions” in one or another area of ​​a person’s life.

Now that you have received a detailed description of all the chakras and their purpose, it is not difficult for you to understand why it is so important to open each of them and

Human chakras are responsible for the embodiment of certain spiritual qualities. Unfortunately, for many people they are in an unmanifested state.

Physical, mental and emotional problems can be the result of an imbalance in one or more chakras.

All chakras are links in the same chain. When each of them is opened, a strong chain is built along which energy flows.

This energy is directed beyond our body and mind, connecting us to a higher source – God, the Universe, the quantum field, whatever we call it.

It is this energy unity that gives us harmony and balance, satisfaction from every area of ​​life and self-realization, abundance and wealth, love and happiness, improved health and fulfillment of desires.

If at least one of all the chakras is not balanced and opened, then the chain breaks, and the energy flow can no longer flow freely through your body.

Thus, the chakras must be opened in order to harmonize your state, become happy and improve all areas of your life!

As you open and balance your chakras, your life will begin to improve on its own, like magic.

To better demonstrate the work of the chakras, I will draw an analogy with the guitar. When at least one of the strings, and even more so several, are badly tuned, the melody turns out to be terrible, ugly, unpleasant to the ear.

And when each string is tuned correctly, any melody will sound beautiful and harmonious.

Tune your chakras like the strings of a guitar and your life will sound different.