How to say no to a person

How to say no to a person

In every person’s life, there is often a situation where someone forces their consent to a request. Often the interlocutor puts him in an uncomfortable position. Due to some circumstances, indecision, unwillingness to hurt the other person – he can not refuse. But he did not want to agree at all! In some cases, one word “no” can even change life, and not for the better.
Why is it sometimes that the right decision is still rejection? What does constant agreement lead to? How do you refuse a person and not feel guilty?

  1. Without having a point of view, a person constantly agrees with other people, becomes dependent on someone else’s opinion, and eventually loses control over his life.
    Tip: Freedom is the most important value in life. One shouldn’t forget about it. If someone’s requests run counter to principles, circumstances, desire, etc., is it worth sacrificing your precious time for them? Remember your own plans, already made promises to someone … It is better to use your free time, a day off, competently, in your own interests – for the benefit of yourself, your life, family …
  2. Often a person is afraid to hurt someone – feeling guilty, can not refuse. Such behavior sometimes leads to the fact that other people simply start using it.
How to say no to a person

Tip: We have to tell the truth about why we decided to refuse. Any refusal has its own reason – you must always remember it. Explain it to your interlocutor, if necessary. But it is undesirable to go into detail – excuses always sound inconclusive. Learn to present the truth in a way that does not offend the person, maintain a good relationship with the person, but not be dependent on him or her in the future. You can also offer your interlocutor another option, only such a solution to the problem, where he can cope on his own. A really worthy person will certainly understand the reason and will not give up on further communication. And if the person himself is not pleasant, and absolutely no desire to help – then it is not clear: why waste time, energy and nerves?
Who really needs help, it is close people. So that later the memories of the provided help bring only a joyful feeling of importance for each other, love and mutual understanding. After all, mental well-being largely determines the quality of life. Therefore, it is necessary to understand: whose requests should be complied with, and who better to say no.