How to recognize a lazy yogi


Yay, you’ve started taking a yoga class and! Now you firmly promise yourself to be disciplined and, of course, you keep your word? Focus, concentration, precise execution of asanas. And who is that next to you lazy and pulling his leg incorrectly? Every class this “negligent student” simply slacks off from doing the right movements and postures, thus not only disrupting the overall mood, but also not doing himself any good.

It is not disputed, sometimes it happens that a bad feeling of well-being or a head full of problems … But don’t you also sin at such laziness? Let’s find out.

So here are five signs that tell you if you’re a yoga slacker.

1. To begin with, a “lazy” yogi often skips the asanas that he finds difficult. You go to class honestly, but you don’t practice at your best. Are you sure you really need it? If you set a goal, then you need to go to it, otherwise it’s better to choose a class, where there will be exercises for a pleasant stretching.

2. the lazy yogi is not looking for rest. Take heed: are you able to be alone with yourself at the right time? After all, yoga is a series of exercises active for the body and relaxing for the soul. Probably the urge to move doesn’t leave you, but it doesn’t mean that the class isn’t for you. Don’t try to “break” yourself, watch your breathing, try to hold the position you want and listen to what you’re feeling.

3. Each element of the workout is very important; some exercises start the class, others end it correctly. Regularly being late to the workout and leaving during the closing exercise “shavasana” makes the class incomplete. Yes, everyone is dependent on traffic and circumstances, but if certain factors prevent you from exercising properly, reconsider your schedule and class hours.

4. Sometimes a slacker yogi goes all out, doing a difficult asana, and then drops it, sighing and moaning about how tired he is. You shouldn’t do that. If you’ve noticed something like that, learn to find your “limit” to which you can use all the resources of your body. It is important that overloading does not lead to injury, and this boundary must be felt. And then you can rest, honestly doing all that is necessary!

5. “Supercomplicated” and impossible asana is no reason to sit back and peek at how others wiggle. It’s just a waste of time and your observation is annoying to everyone around you. Every asana has a simplified version, so go for it.

If there are four out of five signs, it’s time to rethink your relationship with yoga. But we really hope that “lazy yogi” is not about you!