How many minutes do you need to do yoga https://www.julianalucky.com/?

There is no clear regulation by which one can determine how long the practice will be optimal. But it is important to understand: it is better to practice for 15-20 minutes 3 times a week than for an hour and a half every 10 days.
Asanas for beginners at home can be assembled into an effective sequence that does not take much time and will work the main muscles of the body.

How to translate asana?

According to the ancient source – the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali – asana is translated as “stable position of the body.” Not every pose will be easy to hold at first. But it is much more important to keep the focus on the quality of the performance, and not on the duration. If the practitioner can stay in the position for 2-3 free deep breath cycles, this is already good.

Should I take a break from yoga?

An important marker of whether you should take a break and take a break from yoga is the sensations in the body and general well-being when you master the basic asanas in yoga for beginners. Yoga has a variety of tools – from intense strength asanas to relaxation techniques. So that the body is not overloaded, it is important to combine these techniques. For example, once a week, do Yin yoga, alternate classes on the mat with meditations. Arranging “fasting” days without practices is also a valid option.

How to motivate yourself to do yoga?

The main motivation lives within you and comes down to the changes that yoga classes lead to. Remembering how the state changes after you have completed the basic yoga asanas for beginners, next time it will be easier to spread the mat and start practicing. We also recommend that you pay attention to progress: mark and record it. It will be joyful to remember how some time ago you could barely reach the floor with your hands, and now you have a perfect slope.