Bahir Kumbhaka (breath retention after exhalation):


Do at any time of the day, but not at night (invigorates). Active heating technology! A particularly powerful effect is achieved when combined with Uddiyana bandha and stepwise relaxation of the abdomen from top to bottom – this is the basic technique of the famous Tummo warming yoga – “Yoga of the inner light”. You need to “train Bahirka” regularly, preferably every day 1-4 times, then you will notice rapid progress.

The ability to hold an exhalation for a long time is one of the simplest and most reliable indicators of a person’s overall health and vitality. Lesson: slow and noiseless inhalation Full yogic breathing, powerful quick exhalation (through the nose or mouth), delay (optional, Uddiyana-bandha), when it became uncomfortable to hold – light sub-exhalation (to remove the delay), slow controlled, noiseless inhalation – and further either take a break, if necessary, or start a new cycle.